Monday, November 9, 2015

Summer Books

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know this. But if you primarily hang out here in Blogland, then there's a chance you'll stumble on here and check out the organization I started, Summer Books.

Summer Books provides free books to kids who need them. You can read all about it on the web site if you want the details, but we accept donations of books or money and then set those books up, book fair-style, in a school gymnasium. Kindergarten through second graders who have been identified as at-risk readers by school personnel (and thus more likely not to have books at home to read over the summer) are invited to the gym to pick out what we hope will be about 20 books per child. Then they take the books home for the summer, read them, keep them forever, and become awesome people who love reading!

If that sounds like something you can get behind, visit the web site and make a donation. If it's something you'd like to pass along to your wealthy friends, I suppose you can do that to. If you'd like to just mail us a bunch of picture books, you can do that! All the details for that stuff are on the site. 

We have a Facebook page too. I mostly post thank yous to the people who donate stuff. Which, admit it, is better that what most of your Facebook friends post, so give us a follow.


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