Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Early Jump

As most of you surely know, Myra signed a two book deal with Egmont USA, and her debut novel, HOURGLASS, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2011. This is awesome news for many reasons.

First, I like Myra. She's funny, opinionated, and enjoys my locker room poetry. She also tweeted me once, whatever that means.

Second, it gives me another book to pimp, and ever since Chris's book, The Fourth Stall, got kicked around like a ginger in Calabasas, I've been hankering for a book to promote. So mark the summer of 2011 on your calendar, folks, and get yourself to your local Amazon when Hourglass hits the virtual shelves. Because it's gonna be timeslippin' awesome.

Third, once Myra becomes a big shot, fancy pants writer with Ruthian clout she'll probably be able to get my collection of vulgar poems in the hands of an editor. And then the entire world will be able to enjoy the following and I will profit from it.

Bubble Bath

There are no bubbles in my bath.

My mom says we ran out.

"Well why didn't you buy some more!" I say.

"You no-good, shortsighted Kraut!"

Her lips turn down, she glares at me,

“Young man, I don’t care for your tone.”

I push real hard, grunt, and say,

“I guess I’ll just make my own.”


Anita said...

Woo-hoo for MYRA! Do you think she'll still stop by your blog once she's all published and stuff?

And that is the most disgusting poem I've ever read. Good job.

Myra McEntire said...

I believe you are the next Shel Silverstein. Please send your poems, along with an SASE. Also, your check is in the mail.

Thank you, PMM. ;)

Myra McEntire said...

P and S: You've now been tweeted twice.

Unknown said...

Myra and I just tried to post at the same time and my computer blinked a few times. ????

Unknown said...

What I was going to say is this:

Agree with Anita. Disgusting. Love it.

Congrats to Myra. Elizabeth Law, one of the heads at Egmont, was a riot at the SCBWI conference. Two-book deal. That's sweet.

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Myra, congrats! Great description of Hourglass. A YA romance about timeslipping sounds like a good read! I look forward to both the book and Murphblog hype!

PMM- Congrats on the second tweet. You're a great blogger friend. And as for your poetry, you sure have a way with words.

Monica said...

sure, he has a way.. but what kind of way does he have?

Anita, if that's the most disgusting poem you've read, stick around, i'm sure PMM has more where that came from.

YAY Myra. you're awesome. That book sounds like its right up my reading alley. Can't wait.

Kelly Polark said...

Congrats to Myra!!!
Have you tried to get your grody poems published yet? There has to be a market for that! Maybe you can do a tie in with Walter the Farting Dog titled What a Gas! Walter's favorite poems.
But seriously, kids love that kind of stuff (and some immature adults :)

Heather Kelly said...

I can't wait to read Hourglass! Congrats to Myra. How exciting. 2011 will be here before you know it! This kind of exciting news always lights a fire under my writing ass. Thanks for the inspiration, Myra, and for broadcasting the news, PMM. Yay!

Anita said...

MONICA: Maybe I'll collect PMM's gross poems, print them out and give them to Husband for Christmas 2010. You don't think I'd owe PMM anything for them, do you?

Unknown said...

Just gratitude.

Monica said...

i think they're public domain, as near as i can figger. just say a hearty 'thank you mate', and publish away

MG Higgins said...

I don't know Myra, but congratulations!

The poem is ... well, it reminds me of you.

I've tagged you, PMM. Sorry. There aren't many questions (ha!) and they're interesting (somewhat). You can get the details at my blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks, MG. Gives me something to blog about.

Sarah J Clark said...

Boy humor. You would love http://www.lauramanivong.com. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

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