Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm So Pumped!

Been churning out the words on my work-in-progress. And I love it like whoa.

I'm at about 50 thou out of what'll probably be around 70. Then I'll add a bunch of useless shit that I think is hilarious to push it up to 80. Then I'll cut most of that out when I realize it's really not all that funny and end up right around 70 again. This one's totally getting pubbed. It actually has a plot. It's an absurd plot, but a plot nonetheless. (I like "nonetheless." Three words in one--can't beat that. (Or maybe you can. Are there any four words in a word words? Say that three times.))

And can I just say that my story has awesome characters? Okay. My story has awesome characters. I'd share, but you really have to read the thing to get it and I'm not letting you read it.


If I let you read it now, you'd be all, "Where's the ending?" And I'd be, "I said I wasn't done, but you were impatient. Let that be a lesson to you." And you'd be, "There should be an ending." And I'd walk away (virtually, of course. I don't actually meet my beta readers. I mean, could you imagine the awkwardness? We'd start a conversation and I'd trip all over my words and you would be, "You don't trip over words on your blog." Jerk.)

Oh. And I have repetitive bits. I love repetitive bits. "Running gags" you might call them. There's one about of one my characters who dated a girl with an "enchanting chin." See, this girl---never mind. Just trust me, it's killa funny.

So what are you up to?


I read Ray Veen's Talonshale this past week. It's seriously good. I don't even read that genre much and I thought it was seriously good. And I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog. If I didn't like it, I just would not say anything at all. (But behind his back, I'd email other people and be like, "Oh, my god. That sucked so bad. What a waste of my time. If he asks you to read it say you're going on vacation and they don't let you read there.") Seriously, it's awesome. If he lets you read it, you should.


Haven't heard jack squat from any agents in about six days. New round of queries goes out the virtual door tomorrow.


Congratulations to Spain. You are the best at the most boring sport on the planet. Even though it took you almost two hours of playing time to score a goal, I'm sure the three people in America who were watching were really excited when it finally happened. Muy bien futbol. (I don't know how to get those diagonal slant things above the letters. They're stupid anyway. Other languages...pssh.)


Unknown said...

That's funny, all of it.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I laughed at most of it. Some of it was just extra shit that was kinda funny but could've been cut.

Unknown said...

Ha. Funny, Jonathon.

Anonymous said...

This post seriously oozed "great mood," PMM. You could have left out, "I'm So Pumped!" and it still would have conveyed, "I'm So Pumped!"

Elliot Grace said... post I've read all morning, Murph.
And thanks so much for your understanding words on my blog following my emotional rant over LBJ's abandonment. You offered perspective from a third party point of view, and from someone "in the know" about sports related topics. I took my oldest son to a few of LBJ's highschool games at St.Vincent/St.Mary...followed him with utter loyalty as he single-handedly crushed my alma-mater in the state playoffs...cried like a baby when he donned a Cavs jersey for the first time...and now this. But your take on things makes sense, and while at a sloth's pace, I'm crawling out of depression as I write this.
Talking sports over a cold one or three would be fun sometime:)

Unknown said...

Check one thing. I got a request for 50 pages today. Bam.

Anita said...

Woo Hoo on the 50 pages! Which manuscript are you talking about here? Is it one I've read any of?

Thank God you've got a plot! I want to laugh AND cry when I read this book. I'm going to cry, right?

Ray Veen said...

Dang, Paul, a shout out too?

I need to say this: PMM is a damn fine beta reader. If any of you other writers out there need beta, you simply must have Mr. Murphy's opinion. All the coolest writers are doing it.

(and if he hadn't liked my story, I'd be emailing you privately to tell you all to keep your distance and make excuses if he ever offers to read)

Heather Kelly said...

And...with the clipped tone of the ministry of magic dude at the end of one of the Harry Potter movies...

"He's back."