Thursday, May 12, 2011

Notes From Third Graders

Was given the following two notes today:

to: murphy
from: jimbo*

you are the best teacher of 3rd grade that I ever had in my life. you are so nice because you learn me great.

love: jimbo


Dear, Mr. Muphy

please don't make Cleopatra* get in trouble. She will get grounded for 5 years. Mr. Murphy please. Cleopatra is my best friend. I don't want her to get in trouble. Then she will tell everyone that you are a bad and mean teacher. Please. Then nobody will want to go to your class or they will sign their children out of this school and they will take their money back. Cleopatra means so much to me. What if you had a friend that you like and she/he meant so much to you?

From: Chrysanthemum*


Never a dull day.
*Names have been changed to keep me from losing my job.


Anita said...

Oh! I didn't read the name changes at first and I was like, Who ARE these parents. Dude, never a dull moment.

Can I interview one of your characters for my blog? I think I'm starting a series in which I interview characters. Let me know. I probably should've emailed this, but going this way saved me like 5 seconds.

Chris Phillips said...

Way to learn those kids!

Young American Wisdom said...

I happily landed here via Anita Laydon Miller. I'm a sucker for a good kid quote...good stuff.