Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Got Bushed (Sort of)

Because I'm about to hunker down and hammer out a query letter, I'll be brief. (Well, as brief as I can be.)

Today I got whacked upside the head by a shoe. This was a first. I have, in the past, had a water bottle gunned at me and I've been called a few colorful names (f***er being one), but this was the first time I had ever been treated like a wartime President in front of the Iraqi press. Unfortunately, my reflexes weren't quite as good as our former President. It hit me right above the ear.

Now to be fair, the shoe bomber did not actually intend to launch footwear at her teacher. It was before recess, she was goofing off and kicking at the air or dancing like this or something (I don't know, my back was turned and I was bent over unplugging the A/V cart) when the shoe (one of these deals) took flight.

If you have never experienced unexpected head trauma, it goes something like this: There's a sliver of a moment where you think, "I've been hit in the head" and then you think, "I guess I'm okay" and then, right as you're wondering "What hit me?" you look down and see the projectile. Then, if you're me, you think: "That kid is going to miss every recess for the rest of the school year, because if she so much as sneezes during a lesson, I'm sending her to the office," all while trying to appear like everything is cool and that it's not at all embarrassing to be attacked by a flying shoe (Which I totally would have thought was hilarious if the shoe had been on the other foot).

So that was my day. How was yours?


Kelly Polark said...

I was hit in the head by a shoe in high school! As my basketball team was leaving the high school we had just played at, the other team was taunting us, calling us names. So I flipped them off as we walked to the bus, and then WHAM! got knocked upside the head by a gym shoe. It was seriously a rough area, so I believe I scuttled to the bus towards my coach.
I imagine the girl was horrified that she hit you!

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! I love the way you describe this! My day wasn't anywhere near as interesting as yours. :0)


Ray Veen said...

My day was utterly head-injury free, thanks for asking.

Unknown said...

Michael --

Thanks for commenting. Like your posts here. I taught 4th grade for about six years or so, now teach 6-8th. After perusing your profile, looks like we have much in common. Let's keep in touch. I'll send you an email.

Good luck with that query. I have 5 agents with my full ms right now. Not getting my hopes up. It's all happened before and ended in "thanks, but no thanks."

Anyway, I'll send you an e-mail and be following your blog now. Gotta love those 3rd graders!


Anita said...

My kids' schools have very strict shoe securing rules...seriously...because it's all fun until someone gets a shoe in the head.

Also, tag is not allowed.

Unknown said...

Your kids' school sounds like a blast, Anita.

Are the children allowed to laugh?

Anita said...

It's funny, because I have the four kids in two schools...one of the schools is craaazy...no walls, an emphasis on the arts and fun. It's just nuts.

The other school is on the other extreme...closed doors, four walls, no tag.

The kids in the first school CRY when they can't go to school for whatever reason. The kids in the other school are not as happy with school, but are doing just fine.

Too long to explain why they're in different schools...eventually (like in 10 years) they'll all go to the second school.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get hit in the head, but in the rear end with one in high school - unfortunately, the wearer's foot was still in it.

And everyone wonders why I hated school...

Danette Haworth said...

I was in high school when our old beater got stuck in the snow at an intersection. Three of us girls pushed it while a fourth steered.

What did the chivalrous high school boys do? Leaned out of their car windows and shouted comments about our anatomy.

Not so helpful! Definitely not cookie-worthy.