Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Poem (Metaphor Included Free of Charge!)

Anita was bored, and since she's just about the only reader left, I should probably make her happy. Here's a poem I wrote (and got published, but they didn't pay me) a couple years ago:



Paul Murphy

There’s a stone at the edge of the graveyard

It isn’t much to see.

There’s a taller one to the left of it

that looks more important to me.

But mom never seems to notice

that its shadow falls on her face

when she kneels on the ground

and touches the name

of the person who rests in this place.

Note: Is it really that hard for programmers to make it so Blogger will accept my cut and paste from Word? These geeks invented phones that can accept credit cards but they can't reconcile formatting differences?


Anita said...

Oh, thank God! I am so bored. The manuscript is done and I'm just sitting around doing nothing (except laundry and watching kids, etc.). Have you read the book SLAM? I think that's the title...same author as ABOUT A BOY. Anyway, it's a great YA for young men...funny, thoughtful. There are a couple weird turns I thought the author didn't have to take, but the best "older boy" book I've read in awhile.

Great poem!

Kelly Polark said...

That is a great poem, Murph.
I had no idea you could write poems without the word fart in it!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Good job entertaining Anita.

I always like the kid voice in your poems.

MG Higgins said...

What Kelly said.

Unknown said...