Saturday, April 24, 2010

Status Updates

I wrote a chapter in my work-in-progress yesterday. It probably sucks, but at least it's done. Which is pretty much exactly the attitude I had toward every single one of my performances on final exams in college. Summa cum laude I was not.

The Wife got an iPod Nano. I'm listening to it now. She bought it for running, but we've quickly discovered the inadequacies of the earbuds. Namely, they fall out when we so much as tilt our heads like a confused German Shepherd. So now we have to buy new earbuds. (I find it curious that Blogger doesn't recognize "earbuds" as a correctly spelled word, even though the iPod has been around since 2001 and Blogger was redesigned in 2006.)

I've lost seven pounds so far. My efforts started in earnest last Tuesday. (As opposed to the half-assed attempts I usually make, typically consisting of replacing pop with Gatorade.) I took only last Saturday off (I didn't run).

Got three books from the library today: The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, Liar, and The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin.

Four queries sitting neglected in in-boxes. One partial at the Nelson Agency, proving they have discriminating taste.

Seven weeks of teaching left. [Insert own joy-expressing interjection here. I'd go with Huzzah!, but that's just me.]

Go Wings.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Yes, go Wings! I didn't click on the link, but you'd better be referring to the D Wings. I know, know, who else would you be talking about, but there are srsly posers out there with 'Wings' as their nicks.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Seven weeks left... music to your ears and mine. Let me know about your current reading selection, I'm curious. Our school library just go it in.

Kelly said...

If your last chapter is half as amusing as your last post, I'm sure it doesn't suck. (The tale of the hair attack is now floating around the fifth grade of my son's school, btw...)
You and the Wife enjoy the ipod! I love mine and use it every day.
And 7 pounds and just started in earnest a week have it so easy!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

So far, it doesn't touch Marcelo, TEW

The Wife said...

7 pounds. I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Anita said...

I can't even comment, I'm so pissed about the seven lbs.

chris said...

Reading DARK DAYS now myself, and loving it. Very funny. But I am a little biased being that Josh is in my fantasy baseball league and is generally super hilarious and nice.

Anita said...

I am so bored. And I promised to write Tracy's son a fart poem, but nothing is working...maybe you can lead a group effort?