Friday, October 12, 2012

I Miss Blogging

While I'm pretty sure no one will actually read this and that it's been so long since I've blogged that some of my followers have probably died, I kind of miss writing on this thing so I'm starting again.

But there will be a small difference. 

I was never one to blog much about my writing and quest for publication, but it was sort of the impetus for this blog. And while I frequently strayed far from that topic, most of my followers found me because of their own similar journey. But I'm not trying to get published anymore. Haven't written a thing towards that end in months. And while I could go through lots of reasons why I'm quitting on that dream, the big one is that I don't have an overwhelming passion for writing. It's fun. I amuse myself (and, admittedly, mostly myself. Just ask the agents that read my work.) It's something I'm halfway decent at. But I don't think you get very good at anything (and certainly not good enough to get published) without committing more time and energy than I'm willing to commit.

So what will I blog about? Mostly awesome things, like my extraordinary life.* And I also plan to blog about education. I've got LOTS to say about that. And I think it might be fun to blog about books I'm reading. Because when you're trying to get published you have a tendency to play nice because you don't want to ruffle any publishing people's feathers. And maybe you don't tell the whole truth about the industry or agents or writers and their books. So I don't have to worry about that any more. Anyway, stuff. I'll be blogging about stuff. 

*For instance, tonight I went to the store and bought some things for tailgating tomorrow. But when I  paid, I forgot that I needed cash to pay for parking and I clicked "No" on the Any Cash Back question. Silly me. So now I have to go to an ATM and pay a fee tomorrow morning. It's like I'm being punished twice for my forgetfulness!

 See? Extraordinary.


Cynthia Lee said...

Welcome back!

Kelly Polark said...

I hope you don't give up your dream of being published, Murph! (though technically you have already been published in magazines!)
You can take it slow and write at your leisure. It may take longer, much longer, but I wouldn't shut that door completely.

Unknown said...

Thanks, but I'm cool with quitting. I enjoy writing, but I don't love it. And my storytelling skills are weak. I could improve, but I'm not willing to do what's necessary in order to.

Ray Veen said...

Never seemed like you minced words before, so it should be interesting to hear what you have to say about the publishing industry when you're not "playing nice".

Good to see you back, Murph, regardless of whether you're writing or not.

Unknown said...

Agree with Ray. Good to see you back here. I miss that sardonic Murph guy.