Sunday, February 8, 2009

David Yoo on Ben Esch

Sophomore Undercover author and Murphblog friend Ben Esch has caught the eye of David Yoo. David is the author of the very funny Girls for Breakfast and Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before (haven't read, but I'm sure it's equally hilarious).

David writes about Ben's pioneering video game and his vlogs. From David Yoo's blog:

The other thing that impresses me about this (and all his other v-logs, for that matter) is that this young 20something has a legitimately full beard. I'm still waiting in my 30s for my dormant pituitary gland to explode like it should have 15 years ago so I can finally grow one. My latest attempt to grow a beard over the holidays produced yet again an impressively long but sadly isolated single hair that protrudes from the middle of my left cheek. I've grown it out several times and it always looks more weird than cool, as you can imagine.

I know the only reason Ben hasn't mentioned this himself is because he's a very modest guy, so I'm doing his cheerleading for him. I urge all eight of my followers (gee, that's creepy when you put it without quotes) to head over to David's blog and leave a comment in support of Ben and his book. And yes, I already have. Did you really doubt?

Just 16 days (depending on whether or not you count today and/or Feb. 24-- it's gets confusing) until the release of Sophomore Undercover!

(And by the way, wasn't there something a while back about free advanced copies?)


Anita said...

Read Kristin Nelson's last post...this would be a good place for you to query, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul! Yeah, I'm a fellow Esch fan--we're going to be those ageists years from now who tell people, "I was a fan before his first book even came out..." Anyway, thanks for the kind words about my books, I just bookmarked your blog...-DY

Unknown said...

Saw that yesterday and Sarah is on my list. I like the idea of getting in on the ground floor and it looks like she's interested in real world stuff. Plus, she liked Green's Abundance of Katherines, which I also loved. His best book, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks so much for posting about Dave's post about the book, Paul. That's tremendous.

I think the main reason I didn't post anything about Dave talking about me on my blog is that I'm a pretty huge Dave Yoo fanboy, so it still feels a little surreal that he actually knows about me and has read my book.

Also, the books will be coming soon. I talked to my publicist, and I guess the books are currently in the warehouse and will be shipped out soon to soonish. Sorry this has taken so long. I kinda thought they would be delivered like three months ago, but I kinda forgot the number one rule about publishing:

The number one rule about publishing:

Things take at least three times longer than you think they should.

Thanks again for the mention Paul. I really appreciate it.


Kelly Polark said...

I will go and check out DY's blog right now!

Anita said...

I checked out the site. Very cool game! I'll look for the book.