Friday, February 27, 2009

Hodge Podge

I'll keep this short and sweet since The Wife thought the v-log went a little long. (She should have seen how much I cut!)

1. I don't know why the good people at Blogger felt the need to tinker with the "Followers" box, but I don't like what they've done. If anyone knows how I can revert to the old Followers thingy, I'd appreciate a link or some code. If not, then I will accept commiseration.

2. As noted in the comments section of the previous post, I received my Amazon copy of Sophomore Undercover (or SU as Ben is calling it) in the mail yesterday. The guy on the horse was a little winded and apologized for running behind schedule. Due to the economy, Amazon had to institute some cost-cutting measures including something they called "equine reassignment." The horse rider/delivery guy was pretty sure they killed some horses, but because PETA would throw a stink management decided to give it a fancier name. The delivery guys are pretty steamed about the whole thing because it means extra work for them and their horses, plus, as we all know, the infrastructure in this country sucks so his ride really takes a beating. Guy's going through horseshoes like Oprah goes through diets.

Anyway, I've contacted Angela so that I can send along her prize. You should read her blog because the terms of the contest were such (after I amended them after the fact) that she must now offer the book as a prize. So Anita, here's your chance to get the book for free.

3. Just in case you are one of the few readers of this blog who does not spend all his/her Webosphere time rereading my old posts, here's another place you can go to fritter the hours away in your never-ending quest to neglect the more important things in your life:


Thanks to Nate for sending it along.

Have a creative day!


Jewel Allen said...

On #1, I agree completely. I can't click on people's faces anymore so I could get onto their blog. Now it's like this secret society thing where I have to use a password to get in.

Monica said...

I think your v-log was just long enough.

Kelly Polark said...

I didn't notice the followers change til you said that. I'm with you and Pink Ink, not likin' it!
I received my copy of SU too. Yay!