Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Need a Time-Turner

I used to have all sorts of time. Time on my hands, you might say. (Whatever that means. I don't really like anything on my hands. Except maybe dried glue, that's kinda cool feeling--like you've grown another layer of skin.) My days consisted of getting up, working, coming home, watching TV, eating, playing video games, going to bed.

Now I never have enough time to do everything I want to do in a day. Here are all the things I want to do:
  • Be a good dad
  • Be a good husband
  • Be a good friend
  • Talk to my mom and dad
  • Write
  • Revise (and yes, I consider this separate from writing and I'd like to do both every day, which is probably why I blog when I'm in revision mode on a manuscript)
  • Read
  • Catch up on the news
  • Run (This is a new thing. Seems sitting around and eating fast food makes a person fat. Guess Morgan Spurlock was right.)
  • Get a decent night's sleep
You'll notice that work is not listed. Not a mistake. I like my job (most days), but let's face it, given the option of working or doing all of the above, I'll take all of the above.

What I really need is one of those nifty Time-Turners like the one Mrs. McGonagall gave to Hermione so she could attend more classes. Course, if I had one, I'd probably use it to squeeze in a few games of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

In other news, I somehow failed to self-promote after being recognized by Carrie on The Wonder That is My Blog. This is a nearly unforgivable sin and I may have to punish myself for it. (Something like this, maybe) Some time ago, Carrie ran a subtitle contest and I submitted a couple of entries, one of which received an honorable mention of sorts. (I'm the friggin' king of writer blog contest honorable mentions!) You can click the link or I can just tell you that my entry was: Carrie: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Prom. Because you've proven your coolness by reading this blog, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it's a reference to Dr. Strangelove. So I won't tell you.

Also, I'm a little rudderless without a book to promote the snot out of, so I'm looking forward to mid-July when I will begin my publicity blitz (and by blitz, I mean getting the word out to all 16 of my followers) for Chris's book The Fourth Stall. I blogged about this book once upon a time, but come mid-July, IT IS ON. We're talking v-log, people. (Note to Chris: Advanced copies aid in the promotion of books. Just sayin'.) The book comes out September 22. You can't pre-order from Amazon yet (at least, I don't think you can), but the link is here. Bookmark it.

Enjoy your weekend, Murphblog readers, and GO STATE!


Anita said...

Back in my 20s, I thought I was sooo busy. I had a 10-2 job and complained because I had to let the cat in and out the door and that took up sooo much of my time. What the hell was I doing back then besides waiting for Seinfeld? But then I wonder, what if when I'm 50, I laugh about how busy I thought I was now. Does that even make sense?

And you are a good friend to me. I don't think you've asked me for one ride to the airport or asked me to help move all your belongings. So there you go.

Monica said...

OK, PMM>. now you've given me another excuse not to get any w*rk done. Carrie's blog is hilarious (not as hilarious as you or Ben Esch. Dont tell her i said that)

chris said...

Thanks for prepping the promotional machine, I really appreciate that a lot. However, I have some news that might just shatter your world. My publication date has been moved to June 8, 2010.

So, sadly, you'll have to wait about another year.

I, too, was just getting ready with my own promotional effort, which was going to involve me, a sandwich costume, a McDonald's chocolate milkshake, a pony, a plastic swan, and seven 20oz. packages of drywall compound. So now I have to find someplace to store all that crap until next June because as it turns out you can't return stuff you shoplifted.

Unknown said...

world = shattered