Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Items

1. I got pulled over for speeding yesterday with my daughter in the car. She told me she was going to tell her preschool teacher about it. I said go ahead, because she was going to whether or not I gave her permission. This is one reason The Wife and I will never spank her. She would tell everybody, and I'm pretty sure something would be lost in the translation.

2. Overheard before school this week: A kindergartner and his mother were awaiting the start of the school day in the hallway outside my room. The kid was whining and carrying on about something. So the mom, pulling out the trump card all parents carry up their sleeves, says, "Stop it right now or you're not going to Wal-mart after school."

3. I've seen the future, and the future is postcards.


Unknown said...

postcards, huh. please, explain, while I refuse to capitalize anything.

Unknown said...

I just think people are ready for a fast, cheap way to communicate across great distances. Plus, in addition to the short amount of text, you can send a picture.

What will they think of next?

Rena Jones said...

I love your daughter's comment. Classic. I cringe every time we take our boys to get their hair cut because they tell the ladies everything they can think of.

Kelly Polark said...

Your daughter will definitely tell on you for your speeding ticket!
During Drug Free week when I taught third grade, the kids would come up and tell me about the times their parents got drunk (or worse).

Anita said...

My son haaaates Wal-mart.

I agree with Kelly. You are the gossip on Monday's playground.

DEZMOND said...

ahahaa .. the first two were hilarious!