Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It Has Arrived

The wait is over. Today, when I arrived home from work and pulled open the door to my mailbox, I was greeted by a manila envelope which I knew could only hold one thing. (Well okay, technically it could have held lots of different stuff, but I knew it didn't.)

I would love to tell you all about the experience of opening the package and reading the back of the book and flipping through the crisp, new smelling pages. In fact, there's only one other thing I'd rather do more. And that is to show you. So, even though the quality of my video is not what I would call professional grade (hey, I won the camera in a drawing), enjoy...


Kelly Polark said...

How cool is that! I'm looking forward to my copy (hopefully soon!) I love Adam Rex's quote about the book! Yay, Ben!

Sarah J Clark said...

Ha. This is something I would totally do. Very cool. I could see Big Plain V doing this too.

Ah... writers! Such creative beings!

Ray Veen said...

1. I think you live on my Mom's street.

2. Ben is represented by Writer's House AND published by Hyperion? That's some freaking clout right there. Too bad I read the last page when you held it up and now I can't read the rest of the book.

Anonymous said...


That was awesome seeing you open the package, though it was pretty trippy to see the book on the video and in your hands. I guess I'm still not quite used to the idea of the book actually existing somewhere besides my computer's hard drive. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for all of the support on launch day.

You rule,


Carrie Harris said...

Actually, I think BPV is wrong. I think you like on MY street. I'm in Michigan, you know. And it's so small. ;)

I love the v-logs. Gotta learn how to do those stupid things.

Angela Ackerman said...

Looks like a good book!

Ray Veen said...

We all live right around the corner from each other and don't realize it.

I don't know if you know this, Paul, but me, Carrie, and Vivi are all Michiganders too. Michigan is going to be to humor/blogger/writers what Seattle once was to grunge bands.

(did you know I linked to your v-log in my last post?)

Monica said...

sooooooooooo jealous of Paul Michael Murphy right now. My mail should be coming any time now..... sigh.

Ben Esch.. while i do not have the technology to do a v-log, i will send you a pic of me holding your book. promise.

man.. that dang paul michael murphy.

Anita said...

So now what are you going to do if you think the book sucks?

Unknown said...

V--I knew Carrie was in Michigan, but I thought you were in Indiana. Maybe just near the border.

Honestly, with the blog tracking stuff, it would probably take about twenty seconds to locate any of our addresses. Of course, someone would have to care enough to do such a thing.

Monica--Here's something to make you even more jealous: I received my Amazon copy so I now have TWO!
I'm going to read them both. I'll let you know how they differ.

Anita--First, that's not humanly possible. When you have invested as much time and brain energy as I have you become to attached to certain notions and objectivity flies right out the window. As evidence of this phenomenon, you need look no further than the support the stimulus package received.

However, on the very unlikely possibility that I truly didn't like the book, I would lie. Through my teeth. (Which is a stupid phrase. How else could you lie?)

Would I be sacrificing some credibility? Perhaps. But really, how much credibility do I have? It's not like I write about books for a living.