Monday, May 4, 2009

So Here's the Deal(s)...

First, I'm sure most of you want to know whether or not your greatness has been recognized by James and I. The answer is, it has. But we don't have a winner. We do, however, have an excellent excuse.

James and his wife gave birth earlier today to a baby girl, Lucy Momo Kennedy. She weighed in at nine pounds, three ounces. James, being the conscientious judge that he is, immediately emailed me to request a postponement. Request was granted. If you'd like to wish him congratulations, his email address is


I have other news of interest.

First, I heard back from Agent Guy today and he has requested a second revision. Without getting too detailed, I swung the pendulum too far in the opposite direction. The good news: I now have one draft with too much and another with not enough. Between the two of them (and some more rewriting), I ought to be able to find a happy medium. One would think.

Also, I'm on facebook now. I don't know how one links to such a thing, but if you search me out (I'm using all three names, mostly because Chris likes it so much) I am confident you will find me. I've already found some of you.

Two pieces of entertainment commentary today:

1. If anyone knows how Danny Gans died will you please share? I did not know Danny Gans. I never saw Danny Gans perform. But if having your mug plastered all over town is a sign of importance (or totalitarian rule), than Danny Gans was one important (or possibly despotic) dude. What's the matter with the Vegas coroners anyway? Ever hear of something called "leaking information?"

2. Eddie Money, quite possibly the greatest living musician in the world, is branching out. Not content to mesmerize and inspire through his musical genius alone, Mr. Money has written an autobiographical musical. Money says, "It's different than (the Billy Joel-Twyla Tharp ballet) 'Movin' Out;' there are dancers and songs, but it does have a narrative arc, which I think is very important to the quality of it." If you're thinking, "That Eddie Money is one talented dude," then prepare to be shocked. He has also plans to release an album featuring country versions of his hits that he recorded last year in Nashville with John Ford Coley and a guest appearance by Vince Gill. Don't know about you, but when I hear "Two Tickets to Paradise" country-style, I just might die and proceed directly to heaven.

Almost done.

I won my second award, and just between me and my fellow bloggers, it's about flipping time. I mean, these things are being passed around like strung-out groupies in the back of Motley Crue's tour bus, and I've just now won my second? At least someone out there appreciates me. Thanks, Debra. I have to pass this award on to ten people, but this post is a little long already, so instead I'll go all-sixteenth birthday on y'all and post some pictures of my new whip. (That's what the kids call a "car" nowadays. Hip, huh?)


Unknown said...

Good to see no keys in the ignition.

Kelly Polark said...

Wow, that was one long ass post.
Congrats to James! How exciting! I miss those newborn baby days! I really do!
2. Congrats to you, agent wants revisions, get to it!
3. Enjoy the sweet new ride! Lovely (oh congrats on that award too...)
4. Thank you for another great Crue reference...(I likes me rock and roll but I was never a groupie girl, my hubby still wonders how a prude like myself liked all the dirty rock bands! :)

Trisha Pearson said...

Congrats on the beautiful new car and on having an agent interested in a revision! Very nice!

And congrats to James!

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

Paul, Nice wheels, my friend. And YAY on the revisions. Is this agent already representing you, or are you just moving quickly in that direction? Either way, congrats!!!

And, great news about Baby Kennedy!

Anita said...

Congrats to James and family!

And to you and your new car...BTW, first the daughter and the book reading and now the daughter and the car...she's going to become hotter than you on this blog and then you're in trouble (think Billy Ray).

I'm sending you an email.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Deb Schube sent me, and glad I came. Best of luck with your WIP! (The good guy/gal's gotta win sometimes, right?)

Jacqui said...

Congrats to James. And welcome to Facebook; you will never write again...

Lily Cate said...

Somehow I have avoided Facebook so far.
However, there are 50 other people with my same exact name registered there.

Monica said...

i can't find you on facebook... hmmm..

word verification: swarking. Defn. verb. to look for someone on facebook, and be unsuccessful.

Unknown said...

Monica--search Cass City High School 1994.

Monica said...

you seriously graduated from high school in the 90s? oh man... i'm so freaking old. kill me now. Will do, Paul Michael Murphy.

oh..and kelly.. i always like to move the hyphen over (although you didn't actually use a hyphen, there is an 'assumed' [lol] hyphen, long(-)ass post), so that the phrase becomes long ass-post, once the hyphen is moved to make it hilariously funny to persons like me... not that i think pmm is an ass.
( i think i stole that "move the hyphen thing" from some famous comedian. sorry)

and, while i have your attention. I wrote an angry letter to the editor the other day, and through the magic of editing, they changed the whole premise of my anger. (it still came across as angry, but changed the focus of it) Now i know why you writer types get so hung up on editing. You have this distinct view, and after changing a little sentence structure, taking out a few phrases, BAM!! a whole 'nother animal. (and i know that's not a real word {'nother, that is}, but it should be.)

Anita said...

MONICA: My editor changes things sometimes...I can't even look at my column when it publishes, just in case it was something I was attached to...usually it's a voice I write something is "very, very good." and it will be changed to "very good." Come ON!

Unknown said...

For what it's worth, Anita, your editor is right. One "very," I suppose, might be excused, but two is an unforgivable sin.

Anonymous said...

The only thing cooler than your new car would be if those glasses that Little One is wearing would open up sideways. Now that is a picture!

Say hi to her from her cousins!