Friday, May 29, 2009

Student Poetry

Had a student write the following poem the other day (with some assistance for yours truly. But seriously, the ideas were hers, I just helped her hammer them into some kind of rhythm.)


By Julia B.

I like to ride my bike,
It's fun and joyful too.
You'll be frightened when you see it
It sounds like a kazoo.
The horn is made of baby cheeks,
The tires are make of snakes.
There's tornadoes for the handlebars,
dandelions for the brakes.
There's bats for the two headlights,
A huge frog for the seat.
The frame is made of monkey tails,
There's fish where you rest your feet.
Yes my bike is pretty crazy,
It's a wild and funny ride.
And when you see it coming,
you'll probably want to hide.

I had a problem with the dandelion line, but she insisted that she wanted the reader to stress the "li" syllable. I ended up kind of liking it that way.


Unknown said...

This is really good for a third grader. Impressive.


I like this word verification...

Unknown said...

Yes, she's very creative. Not real motivated, but creative.

Ray Veen said...

My kind of kid.

(So is this an unofficial 'Poetry Friday' entry?)

Unknown said...

I don't understand Poetry Friday. I mean, I get the concept, just not the logistics.

Anita said...

She should be entering contests. You are inspiring kids! Yay, you!

I told you about how I did the afterschool poetry workshop, right? It was to get kids to enter a contest the Pikes Peak Library District was sponsoring. Anyway, the kids loved it even though I really stink at poetry. Parents told me afterward the kids are writing poems at home now. Very rewarding being a teacher for a day.

Monica said...

nicely done.

creative, but not motivated. ... hmmm. sounds like myself.

Sarah said...

I'm impressed! But I'm more of the motivated and not so creative type.
@ Anita, I'll have to watch out for your workshops for my little one when we get back home to the springs!

Monica said...

one of my offspring says that it reminds her of Shel Silverstein.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Monica completely! That's very Silverstien-ish! Very cool!

Kelly Polark said...

Good rhythm, fun stuff! Way to go, little third grade girl!
The purpose of Poetry Friday is to share poetry (yours or someone else's) with other bloggers. One person "Hosts" it and puts links to everyone else participating (you leave a comment on the host's blog if you are participating that week)so that those who love poetry can read and connect with other poetry lovers. You should post the runny poo one on Poetry Friday to shake it up a bit. :)

Betty (Beth) said...

Very fun stuff!

The last line is my favorite. Always lovely to have a smile at the end! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, could I copy this post to my Absurd Media blog. It'd be perfect to show that the surreal is alive and well in the younger generation.

Unknown said...

Go right ahead, Adam.