Monday, June 8, 2009

Monica is Blogging. The World is Rejoicing.

And the Murphblog corporate office has stated in no uncertain terms that you, devoted followers, must read her blog now. Why?

1. Monica is probably my number one follower in terms of both reading and commenting.
2. Her comments are regularly funnier than my posts, which kind of pisses me off, but I'm just too enamored by her wit to stay angry.
3. She won the Order of Odd-Fish Week Contest.
4. She's Canadian.
5. Her last name is Murphy.

Go now and delight in the spectacularness that is well, it's about time you heard my opinion.


Monica said...

How much do i appreciate your support? Let me count the ways. You're wonderful, Mr. Murphy (no relation)

Big Plain V said...

I am follower number five. Was there supposed to be a special gift for the first five followers?

Kelly said...

Yay for Monica! I'm there!

Monica said...

i will have to organize a recognition system for my followers... hmmm... perhaps a special hat?