Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

These are just my reading, writing, and blogging goals. I've kept the personal stuff, you know, personal.

Reading--Read at least 100 books

Writing--Acquire an agent, finish two books (one is about a third done already), get better

Blogging--Double-digit posts each month, 120 followers


Monica said...

wow.... hardcore, dude. Those are some high falutin goals.
My goal is to keep breathing for the entire year.

Anita said...

Excellent goals! But darn, I wish you would've shared the personal ones.

My fav goal of yours is the agent-finding one. I am sooo looking forward to seeing your post title in all caps FOUND AN AGENT...or something more clever, since you'll be a bad-ass agented writer.

My goals are:
1. To find an agent faster than PMM
2. Read a book a day

Lily Cate said...

Yep 2010 is Year of the Agent for me, too.
I would like to write 2 new first drafts as well, and read as much as I possibly can.