Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Positive, and I Have an Award to Prove It

Boy howdy! The Literary Ramblin' Woman herself, Casey McCormick, just awarded me a rootin' tootin', hootin,' hollerin', positively boot scootin' award. Much obliged, cowgirl.

Enough of that. I'm plum out of cowboy slang. The award is for projecting a positive outlook on my blog. You know, being my regular optimistic self. I'm now supposed to pass it on to five other uplifting bloggers. But first, I kind of feel like I need to prove I'm deserving.

So here are five positive outlooks on things that aren't, at first blush, very positive.

1. Sure, the economy is bad, but if it wasn't, we wouldn't be able to enjoy jokes like The economy is so bad Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America. Or any of these either.

2. Yes, the movie Avatar may have killed a Taiwanese man, but it's got really awesome special effects and the story's not half bad.

3. Being fat isn't a very good idea. Getting fat, however, is really fun and easy to do. You just eat delicious foods like pizza and potato skins then sit (or lay) down for the great majority of your day. Piece of cake. Mmm, cake.

4. Brett Favre did not make it back to the Super Bowl, but---oh, wait. That is good news.

5. The earthquake in Haiti was devastating, but because of it, Beyonce got to change the lyrics to her hit song "Halo" to "Haiti We Can See Your Halo," a la Elton John after the Princess Diana thing. And that's always good times.

Yee haw.

My five positive people:


If they don't find their way here in the next couple of days, will someone let them know? Report cards are due this week. I be busy.


Heather Kelly said...

Okay--You were so much more graceful in your acceptance of this award. I bow in your presence, Sensei.


Tina Lee said...

Heather, your comment here was mighty graceful!

And I don't know how Beyonce can see Haiti's halo with those bangs in her eyes.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Present. Thanks for the shout-out (that word is so five years ago). This award does mean something, because in the bumbling world of blogging many typers choose to leave the glass half empty. Glad yours (and mind) is half full.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...


Sorry, couldn't help it.

Kelly said...

Thank you, kindly, Mr. Murphy for the award.
And the recession jokes were funny (my fave was that a picture is now worth only 200 words...).
And I have to agree with Tina, whattup with those bangs, Beyonce? But since this is a postive post, she still looks beautiful with those bangs. I mean, she's Beyonce!

Anita said...


Casey McCormick said...

Ahahaha. I'm so glad I gave you this award. Congrats to those you passed it on to!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Paul Michael Murphy said...

Just wanted to again thank Anita for convincing me to remove the word verification.

I love how I get these two anonymous comments in pairs. You know we not stupid. Classic.

Anita said...


Laura Pauling said...

Good luck on that query you sent out! Hopefully you sent all your positiveness with it!! - Laura

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Thanks, Laura. I did. It was a nifty little bit of code I embedded into the email.

Bethany Wiggins said...

Ugh. No reminders, please, of how fun getting fat can be!!!

Anita said...

Don't tell Husband, but I think I may be falling in love with your second Anonymous.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I have a feeling Anon. 1 and Anon. 2 are the same "person."

Anita said...

I completely disagree.