Monday, February 1, 2010

The One Word Response Award

Thanks to Larissa for presenting me with the prestigious Over the Top Award for Blogging Excellence (I added that last bit). Unlike Tracy, I accept and am grateful for all awards, even if they have been passed around more often than that one girl in high school who the girls all despised because a. she was disgusting and b. although you didn't want to admit it, your boyfriend probably would take a shot if he thought he could get away with it and c. you secretly wondered what it would be like to be that girl and although you never would, it was kind of fun to pretend and the fact that you never would made you hate her even more. Damn her.

And if you're a guy then I'm talking about that girl who, in response to a snide remark from your girlfriend, said, "She is gross. I don't understand what guys see in her," but you actually thought, "Well, I mean, if she wanted to and, you know, if I didn't have a girlfriend, and, I guess if nobody found out, then..."

That award.

Here it is:

See those lips?

I have to answer the following questions using only one word, a feat which I am sure will prove extremely difficult for me (I like words. Too much. Like right now, for example.). Then I have to tag five people, and because he only accepts awards from me, I will be tagging Tracy Edward Wymer.

Your cell phone: Ignored
Your hair: Cowlicky
Your mother: Brave
Your father: Supportive
Favorite Food: This (See what I did there?)
Your Dream Last Night: Forgotten
Your Favorite Drink: Duh
Your Dream/Goal: Publication
What Room You Are In: Mine
Your Hobby: This
Your Fear: Midgets
Where Do You See Yourself in Six Years: Mirror
Where Were You Last Night: Alibi
Something That You Aren't: Pyromaniacal
Muffins? Sure
Wish List Item: Invisibility
Where Did You Grow Up: Who says I did?
Last Thing You Did: Write
What Are You Wearing? Glasses
Your TV: Off
Your Pet(s): Incarcerated
Friends: Few
Your Life: Enjoyable
Your Mood: Aloof
Missing Someone: Reagan (Hell, I'll take Clinton again.)
Vehicle: Impala
Something You Aren't Wearing: Beret
Your Favorite Store: Schuler Books and Music
Your Favorite Color: Blue
When Was the Last Time You Laughed: Tonight
Last Time You Cried: 2007
Your Best Friend: Wife
One Place You Go Over and Over Again: Bathroom
Facebook? Rarely
Favorite Place to Eat: Here


I award: TEW, Anita, Chris (because he needs to blog something), Ben Esch (even though he won't), and Laura Pauling (need a link)


Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Damn you!

Heather Kelly said...

Congrats! Laura's blog:

Jonathon Arntson said...

I love how divvying awards has become a sort of punishment. Congrats guys.

Kelly said...

Where in the world has Ben Esch been?
Congrats and funny answers (esp. missing someone answer even though it was more than one word)!

Anita said...

I actually owned a 1960 Chevy Bel Air for a long while, which looked a lot like the Impala of that year. We were just telling the kids about how Husband (when I was pregnant with first kiddo) put an entire boxed crib into the trunk of that car and CLOSED the was THAT big. All this to say, I don't think I can write a one word answer to anything, but I might try. So...uh, thank you.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Like the YA title.

chris said...

Oh, thanks so much passing along an "award" even though my blog is the last one that ever would deserve one.

I'm honored. Alas, my blog is retired. At least until my book release gets closer and I get my author site up and going. Then at that time, I'll return with an all new, frequently updated new blog.

chris said...

Holy crap, could I have written my last comment any more poorly?

chris said...

But just for the spirit of the award, I'll post my answers here so you don't miss out on the chance to get to know me:

Your cell phone: nachos
Your hair: nachos
Your mother: nachos
Your father: nachos
Favorite Food: ????
Your Dream Last Night: nachos
Your Favorite Drink: nachos
Your Dream/Goal: nachos
What Room You Are In: nachos
Your Hobby: nachos
Your Fear: nachos
Where Do You See Yourself in Six Years: nachos
Where Were You Last Night: nachos
Something That You Aren't: nachos
Muffins? nachos
Wish List Item: nachos
Where Did You Grow Up: nachos
Last Thing You Did: nachos
What Are You Wearing? nachos
Your TV: nachos
Your Pet(s): nachos
Friends: nachos
Your Life: nachos
Your Mood: nachos
Missing Someone: nachos
Vehicle: nachos
Something You Aren't Wearing: nachos
Your Favorite Store: nachos
Your Favorite Color: nachos
When Was the Last Time You Laughed: nachos
Last Time You Cried: nachos
Your Best Friend: nachos
One Place You Go Over and Over Again: nachos
Facebook? nachos
Favorite Place to Eat: nachos

chris said...

I love using PMM's comments as my own personal blog. By the way.

Anita said...

Please replace Chris's answers with "burritos" and you will have my responses.

P.S. PMM: You are such a wuss...when did you put word verification back? Oh well, I guess it'll keep me from having an affair with Second Anonymous. But still.

Ben Esch said...


Thanks a lot for the award! And dammit, I'm gonna do this thing. I don't wanna get a reputation for being a lazy blogger. I deserve the reputation, I just don't want it.

Also, I'm super jealous of your writing office. I have to write in a fold out camping chair in a closet because our couches are super uncomfortable.


Tina Laurel Lee said...

So I followed this award back a little ways. It was bothering me that the prompts were in second person, so I thought I would look back and see where they originated and if the prompts were always in second person. It was interesting to follow it back, and a little disconcerting. Also perhaps educational. Never found a source, but I did find out it is not like telephone. The award and prompts have stayed the same, at least as far as I went. But that's just to say, what if the prompts began with "my" instead of "your" would that change everything? I may be the only one bothered by this kind of thing.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I put the word verification back in when I had three spam comments waiting for me this morning.

Larissa said...

Yay! Love your answers, especially invisibility as your wish list item. Awesome.

Jenny said...

Tracy--Good Luck

Chris--I feel like I know you already =)

PMM--do you see yourself wearing a beret in the mirror in 6 years?

Anita said...

PMM: I'm so sorry. Seriously.

TINA: I get you.