Saturday, January 10, 2009

Advice and Rejection

Got some good advice from my two year old this morning. We were out of food (not literally) and so I was preparing to head to the store. It's wicked snowy here and the roads aren't in great shape, so my wife said, "Be careful. Watch out for idiots." Our toddler, as she is wont to do, promptly repeated the advice and then she added some of her own.

"Watch out for idiots, Dad...and snakes."

Sage advice indeed.

UPDATE: Racked up yet another rejection today, this one for a single poem sent to Humpty Dumpty Magazine. The bad news: They didn't want it. The good: At least they checked the "Recently published or are holding a similar piece" box. That one is always preferable to the "You're a moron and we'd appreciate you not sending anything else ever again" box.

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