Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year--Murphblog Style

My Spartans just lost and I've got ten minutes before the Rose Bowl starts, so instead of eating (again) I thought I would take the time to do a New Year's post. I know all of my loyal readers (still two) expect it.

This is where I am now supposed to wish everyone a cheerful Happy New Year!!!!!! and/or share with all those across the Webosphere my New Year's resolutions. Well I'm not going to do it. To do so would be completely UNCREATIVE and I am so not about that right now (see blog title).

Instead, while the New Year still has that fresh, just-out-of-the-box smell that we all enjoy so much, I am going to give you something original. No, it's not a hilarious YouTube video. And no, it's not advice on how the write the next breakout novel. This guy already took all of my good ideas and claimed them as his own.

What I am going to do is share what I would like to call...

Murph's Non-Resolutions for the New Year. These are things that I pledge not to do in 2009. And because giving you a list of ten such things would be totally UNCREATIVE, I am going to do seven. Not because it's a lucky number or anything, just because I couldn't think of more than seven. (Even though I'm definitely going to not do a lot more than seven things)

Without further ado, Murph's Non-Resolutions for 2009

1. I will not send a query to any agent in which I use all CAPS.
2. I will not use the word "insalubrious" in any of my forthcoming manuscripts even though it may just be the most liquid fantastic word ever conceived.
3. I will not be heard uttering the words, "So, I just picked up the new Jonas Brothers CD."
4. I will not refer to myself in the third person. That sort of action should be reserved only for awesome people like Rickey Henderson.
5. I will not watch Twilight.
6. I will not read anything written by James Joyce. I'm pretty sure that guy's grocery lists would leave me perplexedly befuddled (like that? Well it's mine, so hands off.)
7. I will not think Sophomore Undercover is anything other than the funniest novel ever written. (Ben is sending me an ARC and since it's my first one ever I plan to earn that mother. I have my blurb already prepared and I hereby grant permission for Ben to use it on his Web site and the second printing of his book once I unleash it on the world. You are all witnesses.)

Literary Wisdom of the Day

"One of the few things I found out during that September and October was that only a few people understand the meaning of the word friend, and those people are special. An awful lot more have no idea of what the word entails."

--Bob Knight in his book Knight: My Story


Ryan said...

Hopefully Cousins can become the competent QB Mark D. is looking for.

But a solid season from the Spartans... progress is being made.

I fully expect UofM to take over the title as best b-ball school in the state very shortly.

Ever read Life of Pi?

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I like Cousins, but that job will end up being Keith Nichol's.

It was a good season. They took the next step and won close games. They beat the teams they were supposed to.

UofM is going to make the tourney this year and they might even beat State in the one game they play (at AA). As for taking over the title as best b-ball school in the state, I doubt it. Sims has been nice for them this year, but he'll find foul trouble against the big in conference. They rely heavily on Harris and a good defensive team can put the clamps on one player, just as Wisky did the other night. They'll win some games they shouldn't because of three point shooting and probably lose some they shouldn't for the same reason.

No, I have not read Life of Pi.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Titus is flipping hilarious, isn't he?

Ryan said...

Michigan's drop off in playmaking is startling after Harris and Sims. But the nice thing is most of the players 3-9 are freshmen/sophomores and can really shoot the ball-- Novak, Perry, Stu.

So if Harris sticks around for next year(you never know), this team will be top 15 quality.

Izzo hasn't shown me much lately, seems to have all the talent in the world but no identity, they certainly don't play D as well as they did back in the Cleaves, Smith days.

Titus is an All-American when it comes to blogging.

Ben Esch said...


You just earned the hell out of that ARC.



Somebody's getting named Murph in my next book as a tribute to how cool you are.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

May I suggest the dog? Murph is a sweet name for a dog.

Ben Esch said... dogs in the book as of yet, so you're gonna have to settle with a regular human character.

Though I do agree that Murph would be a wicked name for a dog.

Ben Esch