Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Won a Contest. Take That!!!

Sometimes (okay, rarely) I have something really interesting to share. Sometimes I get a rejection in the mail and I blog about that. Sometimes I decide to blog about how I sent some of my work off to get rejected. And sometimes I really don't have much to say at all, but I update Murphblog because I feel an obligation to its three readers.

But sometimes (okay, so it's only happened once) I have a success to report. Loyal readers will recall that I came oh-so-close to winning two contests. The judges of those contests were awed by my overwhelming talent to such an extent that they felt awarding me the top prize would have discouraged future contest entrants, so they presented me with runner up recognitions.

But Angela Cerrito found a way around that problem. As you can read on her blog, she designed a contest whereby applicants were presented with a photo and asked to speculate on the person in that photo. Angela then chose the best entry (mine), but, in a stroke of contest administrating brilliance, pretended to hold a blind drawing to determine a winner. My name was "pulled out of a hat," which is to say, "intentionally drawn so as to reward the best entry." I thank Ms. Cerrito for her exceptional taste and for her shrewd manipulation of the contest. Very smart, Angela. I see many successful contests in your future.*

So I won. What did I win? Actually, I have a choice. I could send Angela the first ten pages of my middle grade manuscript, except that Firebrand already has them and I only made one copy. I could send her the query for the same manuscript, but I already know it sucks so I'm not sure I'd gain much from a critique that confirmed its suckiness. I could send her my picture book and get that critiqued. This would be appealing if I had a picture book. Or I could take her up on her final offer, which is for her to tell everyone she knows about this blog.**

I think I'll do that.

* It is possible that I have misunderstood the judging process. In general, judging processes are confusing. I mean, I still can't figure out how Shawn Johnson didn't get a ten for "adorableness."

**While not technically offered in the contest guidelines, it would be nice for Angela to do, don't you think?


Angela said...

Congrats on winning my first ever contest.

I will of course tell everyone I know (or, hey - I could use facebook and tell people I don't know too) about ur blog.

If you want pages critiqued just let me know via e-mail (angelacerritoATyahoo DOT com)

and my word verification for this comment is: murin

C.R. Evers said...

Congratulations!!!! :0)

Christy (via Verla Kay)

Kelly said...

I entered that contest, too! Congrats, Paul! May you get many more than three readers with your blog shout out on her blog!;0)

LindaBudz said...

Congrats! A win is a win! (and a loss is a loss ... just ask us Eagles fans).

I LOVE Wednesday Wars ... how are you enjoying it?

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I've actually read it before and I loved it. My current WIP is intended to be humorous and I laughed out loud while reading the book so many times, I thought I'd read it and see if I can learn anything.

Sondy said...

Hey, I read your blog because of Angela's post on Facebook. I'm an aspiring writer and a librarian myself. Check out my site on Looks like you like some of the same books I do....

I'm going to check back here to view more of your stellar writing! :)

pocketfulsofsunshine said...

I was hoping to read some sort of acceptance speech. You know, thanking the little people who contributed to your awesomeness. ;)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'd like to thank myself, primarily.