Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Poem for Your...Uh, Enjoyment?

My stomach is a’rumbling

But I’m stuck here in the car

We’re out in the middle of nowhere

The next bathroom’s pretty far

My forehead is a’sweating

My insides sure do ache

I’d feel better if I farted

But that’s a risk I just can’t take

Cause something might start running

Down the insides of my jeans

So I guess I’ll have to bear it

And swear off Grandma’s beans


Monica said...

is this the sort of stuff that takes up room in your 'real' writing?

Anonymous said...

"BEANO!" screamed the pharmacist
As loud as he could yell.
Right down aisle seven, next to Tums and Citracel.
Take this stuff beFORE you eat those gassy foods like beans.
You won't have to worry 'bout stuff leaking through your jeans.

Kelly said...

Wow, and a bonus poem in the comments, too!
After reading your second (or is it third?)selection of squirtful poetry, Murph, I am wondering if you should make an appointment to see a Gastroenterologist.

Anita said...

I may have to email Debra Schubert about this one. I'd hate for her to miss it.

Myra said...

I bet you are the coolest second grade teacher


The Wife said...

Audience participation. Nice.