Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • Thanks again to all the people who read and provided feedback on my middle grade novel. Since Anita missed out on the public recognition last time, I want to thank her for her detailed suggestions on the first three chapters and for pointing out some important things later in the book. I'll get to work on those today. The book should be done* today and I'm sending it to Secret Asian Man tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • Saw District 9 last night. Awesome, if you like that sort of thing. And by "that sort of thing," I mean sci-fi, aliens, and decapitations.
  • Just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain** and I'm now out of books. Headed to the library today. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that my local lending library has, like, 200 books, so you might suggest things that are a bit older.
  • So I took a swim with my cell phone and ruined it. Dried it out for three days and it still didn't work. Since we don't have a land line, it needed replacing, so I went to the Verizon store and explained my situation and the guy came out with a used phone that he sold to me for sixty bucks. The phone looks like this, except it's covered in scratches and generally looks like it went eight rounds with Tyson. I was disappointed, but then I got home and was complaining to my wife. I was all, "My old phone (meaning the one I had before the wet one) was better than this piece of [excrement]." And then that little light bulb went on over my head as I realized I still had that phone! I'd given it to my daughter to play with. So, found the phone and today I'm taking back the piece of junk and getting my money refunded. And the moral of this story is that I am often stupid.
*it will never actually be done. Even when it's done.
**I liked it. You should read it. There was one part where I almost laughed and cried at the same time.


Jason said...

You may have already read it but when anyone asks I always recommend The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Wells. It is without question the best book that I have ever read.

Jason said...

Correction: It is Walls not Wells.

Anita said...

JASON: I interviewed Walls for my's somewhere on my blog, if you're interested.

PMM: I hope you got the comments I sent you late last night (I have a problem with squeezing through deadlines). If you didn't get them, let me know. The gist is this: I finished FARVE and absolutely love it! Can't wait to see it on the shelves and recommend it to the world!

Monica said...

i read Water for Elephants, which is really sad, most of the way through, but actually ends on an up beat. Which isn't giving anything away, because you won't expect what happens.

Blindness, by Jose Saramago.


Monica said...

and you don't have a land line? You're the first grown up (sort of) that i know of that doesn't have one. What are the pros and cons of that (besides the swimming with your phone thing, that's sort of obvious)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

We haven't missed the land line at all. My wife and I have cells so even if mine goes down, we still have a phone.

Anita--I did get the email last night. Thanks again.

Thanks for the book recs.


Dad said...


Even PMM's old fart parents don't have a land line. I thought that was just life in the 21st century!

Biggest pros I see are... number one, I don't have TWO phone bills! And two, no one calls during dinner time to ask me take any stupid surveys or buy any crap I do NOT need!

Monica said...

I've been thinking of getting rid of my land line, because everyone in my house has a cell. i think its the old fart in my head that keeps me thinking i need one. hmm... but now.. if old fart parents don't even have a land line... sheesh, i need to rethink this even further.

Monica said...


MG Higgins said...

I fart a lot so I'm sticking with my land line.

Labrador retriever or labrador retriever? (I'd really like to know. It's for my WIP.)

Betty said...

Hi Paul,

I've been on a Jane Yolen kick and I have to recommend "Briar Rose," "Armageddon Summer," and "Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast."

Big Plain V said...

You've probably already read it, but, The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaimen.

It's amazing.

Monica said...

MG, what does farting have to do with having a land line? ( i should know this, because my husband farts an awful lot, and i'm considering going the way of the Michigan Murphy's, and ditching my land line)

and i would go with Labrador (since Labrador is the proper name for a place, and the name of the dog derives from that.)

MG Higgins said...

Monica: In the "real" world, farting has nothing to do with land lines, but it's my perhaps mistaken understanding that comments on this blog don't have to make sense. In my "real" world, I don't like the idea of there being an emergency and my cell phone not be charged or turned on. Paranoid? Probably. And I like how regular phones are kind of snuggly and actually extend down to your chin so I don't feel like I'm talking into empty space.

Thanks for Labrador advice!

Monica said...

MG - you probably got that sense from PMM himself, who hardly makes sense at the best of times. How that man ever wrote a whole book is beyond my understanding.

Yeah, i worry about, like, a global power outage thing happening again, like it did in 2007. I had $20 that i borrowed from my mother and the 'out of gas' light blinking on my car. Since then i tried to keep extra cash at home (tho i dip into it for emergencies, like being out of change for coffee) and gas in my car. (which works well until its two days til payday and i've got lots of driving to do). So, yes, i've got those paranoid concerns too.

And, my kids always tell me that i'm yelling when ever they see me talking on a cell phone, so i understand that 'talking into space' thing.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

The docking quiver perfunctorily meandered 'neath the ocean depths.

Monica said...

see what i mean??

MG Higgins said...

Hmm, yes. So my assumption was correct.

PMM, if you're thinking of another contest you might be able to put that phrase to good use.

The Wife said...

Highly entertaining. Current favorite follower: PMM. What a great bunch of gobble-dee-gook!

And I can see us having a land line in the not-so-distant future, so that if The Little One (or a babysitter) should ever have to dial 911, remembering the address will not be an issue.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

For the record, I'm voting no on the land line.