Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Quick Stuff

  • Thanks to everyone who read the YA. I'm waiting on a couple more people, but I already have a good idea of things I need to work on.
  • How come the holes in belts are never exactly where you want them?
  • I bought Skittles, Starbursts, and Kit Kats for Halloween. I've kept the bags in the backseat of my car because if I brought them in the house, the Kit Kats would already be gone. Kit Kats are good, for those keeping score at home. Conspicuously absent? Almond Joys. Although, after talking with The Wife, she reminded me of the commercial jingle "Almond Joy's got nuts. Mounds don't" which means that there is actually a candy bar that is worse than Almond Joy. It also means that you can eat a Mounds here, but you can't eat an Almond Joy. Not that you'd want to eat either one.
  • I dressed up for my classroom Halloween party. I was Caesar. I bought my costume at Wal-mart for seventeen bucks. None of my students knew who I was, but when I told them, they said, "Like Little Caesar's?" Yes, just like Little Caesar's.
  • Phillies in six. Utley wins MVP. (Yeah, I know that's not exactly a limb I'm on, since he already homered twice.)
  • My house is falling apart. Two bricks have fallen out of the inside wall of the fireplace. My hot tub is a cold tub. And we've got a leak in the three season's room. So starting today, there's a dollar charge for reading this blog. You can email your dollar to me at Thanks.
  • On second thought, scratch that dollar thing. If I charged people, I'd feel obligated to provide something of worth on here and I just don't need that kind of pressure. So if you really want to email me, you can send along funny YouTube clips.


Wendy Sparrow said...

This week my husband introduced my son to the wonder that is braided belts. The big selling point was that you could put a hole wherever you wanted it. Yay! There was much rejoicing.

MG Higgins said...

I hated Almond Joys as a kid (they all went to my mom as I sorted out my Trick-or-Treat bag) but I now consider them the escargot of the candy world. The more you eat, the more they grow on you. (Mounds aren't bad, either, BTW. Loved the jingle. In fact it will probably stay in my head the rest of the day.)

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

My guess is Howard wins MVP, and yes, Phils in five or six.

Anita said...

As much as I wanted to pass out Almond Joys (because they are so, so good), I listened to your advice and did not. We are passing out THREE MUSKETEERS, OH HENRY'S and pretzels and spider rings. Before you go on about pretzels and spider rings: they are going with the come to our house, you get the pretzels, a candy and a ring.

Here's a tough thing: 13-year-old Daughter wants to go trick-or-treating with her girlfriend. Husband and I insisted that she can't go without an adult, so Husband is trailing them by about 20 yards. Are we really lame?

word verification: sheep
(I think you may be the shepherd here.)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I have a braided belt but find them aesthetically displeasing.

May need to revise my World Series prediction after last night.

A couple of people went with the hold-out-the-candy-bowl-and-let-Little-One-pick method last night. I am embarrassed to say that on two of these occasions my daughter selected an Almond Joy and a popcorn ball. I have failed as a parent.

I'd trust a thirteen year old girl about as much as I'd trust the former governor of Illinois. So while it may be lame, Anita, it is perfectly appropriate.

Kelly said...

I so do not like Almond Joys, but Halloween candy was bought while I was in Florida, so it was a variety bag of Reeses, Hersheys, Almond Joy and Heath. I love the first two and we have so much leftover that I'm so glad I don't like half of it as I have no self control.
Anita-I would have done the same thing!

Anita said...

Husband followed them, and I think they were glad of it. Our neighborhood might get a little TOO into Halloween...people jumping out from behind hedges yelling "Boo," guy with actual chainsaw running, etc.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

You're right... Utley.

Lily Cate said...

I refuse to watch or pay attention to baseball in NOVEMBER.

Monica said...

have you seen "kittens inspired by kitten"? hilarious.