Monday, November 16, 2009

Murphblog by the Numbers

This is my 200th post. My first ever post was on November 9 of last year. So that means I've now been blogging for over a year. Congratulations to me.

I have 93 books listed in the "Books I've Read in 2009" section of the blog. Technically, I've read more than that but I don't list every book I read aloud to my third graders. There's probably another 20 or so that I started reading and gave up on, which is why you do not see The Story of Edgar Sawtelle on the list. I'm excited to reach the 100 mark because I sort of set that as a goal for myself this year. When I get there, I'm planning a top ten list. I will try to be unbiased, but I'll probably fail.

I once again have 54 followers. Somebody dropped out a while back. No doubt they are regretting their hasty decision and are embarrassed to admit their mistake. I expect the person to soon be begging my forgiveness. In the meantime, let's all welcome Paul to the crew. Paul lives in Alaska and his blog has some amazing pictures on it. He's also got some good stuff about writing. And his name is Paul, so points for that.

Speaking of points, here's the leaderboard:


Points are tabulated using a formula not unlike baseball's OPS in its complexity. The worst way to acquire points is to make an obvious attempt at points acquisition, with the notable exception of agreeing with the blogger (that would be me in this case). I like when people agree with me. I also like when people disagree because that usually means more comments. And I like comments. That's one way to earn points. Unless you're commenting for the sole purpose of earning points, in which case you'll probably lose a few. Or a lot depending on my mood. Your best bet is to read everything I write, agree with most of it, comment often, but act like you don't really care all that much. Which is why Anita is in first.


Amy said...

Will I get a point for being the first to comment on this wonderful, thought-provoking post?? Congrats on reaching #200!

Ray Veen said...

Did you remember to carry the one? Because I think I'm supposed to be at 143 points.

Heather Lane said...

How did I not know there was a contest? Commenting as a professional sport? I'm so in.

coloradomatty said...

Well now that I know that you keep track, I suppose I'm compelled to improve my ranking. I vow to comment more regularly, if for no other reason than to return the favor (though I don't count it as 2 comments when you're simply clarifying or correcting a typo)...

Wendy Sparrow said...

Happy 200th post. I'm new to the blogging world, so there was no chance for a late recovery--especially since I wasn't actually aware there was a race.

BTW, the fact that you're reading "The Curious Incident..." made me check out your list of books to see if you'd also read the Speed of Dark. That's when I noticed a major faux pas in the way of Douglas Adams. It's "Life, the Universe, and Everything."

So, do I lose points for correcting mistakes?

My WV is whenest. It's put me in a mood for Shakespeare. Whenest thou next combs thy posts to find a glittering champion, warn thy friends lest we bite our thumbs at thee.

Nah... too late. I already bit my thumb for fun. I'm just like that sometimes.

DebraLSchubert said...

Congrats to Anita. What an honor!

I think Ray's right. I'm sure he's got at least 143 points. I imagine I'm somewhere in the minus category, but I'm competitive. Next year at this time, I expect to have toppled Anita.

Yup, those are fightin' words!

Corey Schwartz said...

Why is this the first i am hearing of a point system? (Highly competitive nature just kicked into gear!) And 200 posts is awesome. I hit my one year anniversary last Friday and I think I only clocked in at 173.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Wendy, that was the weirdest comment I've ever read. Biting thumbs? We need to hangout more often.

Congrats, Murph. 200 is a lot of posts. I think I've read all of them, believe it or not, even the one about runny you-know-what.

Kelly said...

I'm so confused about the leader stats (my math abilities have regressed since being a stay at home mom). But yay I made the list!
Happy 200th. Did you count how many posts have the words fart/poop/squirts in it?
And yay Anita! She'd definitely place in my leader stats if I was ever so math inclined to do so (but I'm not).

Wendy Sparrow said...

@Tracy, it's an insult directly from Romeo and Juliet. I've never quite understood why it's so insulting, but it starts the first fight of that play.

Although, to be honest, most of my comments are weird even without nutty Shakespeare hand gestures.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Serious post about dialogue: 8 comments

Bunch of nonsense about non-existent points system: 10

Shakespearean insults: pri--wait, that was like 10 years ago.

Anyway, points for the Shakespeare. About time someone brought some literary class to this joint.

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Wendy - I have a coffee mug with Shakespearean insults on it. It was a gift from a student after our Midsummer Unit. I blogged about it. Never heard the biting thumbs one. Good one. "You're the veriest varlet that ever chewed a tooth."

PMM - point me for bringing more lit-class up in here.

"abilkili" - really Googlesters! Is this necessary?

Wendy Sparrow said...

I NEED THAT MUG! I bet I can find it online... hmmm. My Marvin the Martian mug got a chip in it--and may need to be retired. Le sigh.

Paul, I try. Anytime you need me to slap down a few Shakespearean dirty gestures--I'm here for you. ;)

Lily Cate said...

I think "biting the thumb" was the Elizabethan equivalent of flipping the bird. It's in the early fight scenes in R+J.

And thanks for all the points talk. Now I have the final showdown from Billy Madison in my head. "I award you no points..."

Anita said...

Every Tuesday morning, I have a newspaper book recommendation column due, so every Monday evening I start reading a book and then at 5:00 AM on Tuesday, I write the column. All this to say I would've totally been here earlier to comment on my #1 standing, except a deadline is a deadline.

Ahem. About the #1 standing. I am sooo glad I'm in the lead here. I'm the youngest of five kids and was as spoiled rotten as any living-in-da-ghetto kid could be. If I had not been #1, I would've been completely distraught. I think PMM somehow realizes this.

That said, I've worked my booty off on this blog, complimenting the Wife (though being the teacher of middle schoolers, she probably sees through this tactic), answering important questions (see a recent comment in which I explained the CABBAGE PATCH DANCE), offering encouraging words (though at times, I can be a little meanish), and typing lots of ().

Hence, I deserve this #1 standing and proudly accept it. If Ray or Kelly or Monica or Tracy (even though they're really nice) or anyone else tries to run up on stage and take away my moment of glory, watch out!

Welcome to the blog, new Paul. (even with the name, he is so behind in points)

Kelly said...

Beyonce so should have gotten #1. ;)

(Noooooo! Anita, you totally deserved it!)

Monica said...

damn that Anita....

Jason said...

Kelly deserves a lot of points for that last comment. I am still laughing.

Anita said...

Thank you, KELLY & MONICA! :)

Monica said...

by my calculations, i'm actually at a zillion points.