Monday, November 30, 2009

So I Got a Wii

Because that's what people my age do when they realize they're about 25 pounds heavier than they ought to be and they can't stick to something simple like, say, exercising and eating better. Here's how the thinking went on this Wii thing:

My in-laws have a Wii and we were over there playing it. They have the balance board and it weighs you and, in conjunction with the Wii Fit software, you can do all sorts of pseudo-exercises. It tells you how many calories you burn and all kinds of whatnot.

So I said something to The Wife like, "Hey, we should get one of these."

And The Wife gave me a look, but not the look, which was what she gave me when I suggested we go on a cruise over Christmas. So I knew there was a chance if I could make a reasoned argument.

"It could be our Christmas gift to each other."

This idea held some appeal for her, probably because I'm not that easy to buy for and because, in her heart of hearts, she wanted a Wii too.

So we got our Wii and the balance board Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend trying it out. (And you wonder why I haven't been writing anything worth a damn.)

So, for those with Wiis, here are my favorite sports games in order:

1. Tennis
2. Bowling
3. Golf, which Little One is pretty good at. She birdied two holes in a row.
4. Baseball
5. Boxing (Killed my arms. They still hurt and it's Monday.)

And what I completely suck at is Yoga. There's this yoga thing called The Tree. It looks like this. I tried to do the tree. (That sounds wrong.) I failed miserably, much to the delight of The Wife. She laughed so hard she cried as I tried to get my foot in my crotch and then stand there without falling over. Let's just say I did not in any way resemble a tree. Unless you're talking about the kind of out-of-control, violently swaying tree one might see in a hurricane.


Lily Cate said...

Just wanted to say that somehow, this came up on my reader 41 min in the future.
My clock says 3:14, but this says it was posted at 3:55.

Heather Lane said...

Santa's bringing a Wii. And I can't wait--it'll help bridge the long gap in the winter when my running trails are too icy. It's 'for the kids'.

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

We got Wii for the same reason. Our favorites are the skiing games. I've also heard you can learn Spanish on the Wii.

Tina Lee said...

Congratulations on the Wii. Fun. And good blogging fodder. I've heard the yoga is notoriously hard (according to my yoga teacher neighbor).

Corey Schwartz said...

We should probably consider it. I'm just afraid I'd never get my four year old son OFF! (He's already a super mario brothers addict!)

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

One word: V-log!!!!

Anita said...

Love TRACY's comment! Hah!

P.S. I still think you should exercise.

The Wife said...

So. Funny. And that's probably mean because he really tried hard.
My word verification is bugersti. That strikes me as funny as well.

Wendy Sparrow said...

I rock at yoga. While I do yoga weekly, I just think some people are particularly prone to be able to do this, and not that I'm really that fantastic.

Favorite Wii games: Raving Rabbids Games. The kids love Boomblox. I got really into Elebits for a while. I don't remember if you have kids or just teach them, but for girls ages four to nine years old--Littlest Pet Shop is THE game. It's also for sale at Target for $14.99.

We have way too many Wii games, but we've had one since it came out--at least, that's the excuse I'm sticking to.

The Lego games are also full of awesome.

Kelly said...

I love that the Wii can even be played by the little ones. My five year old goes to town in the boxing game, it's hilarious!
Have fun with it, great purchase for the whole family!
(We love Rock Band and the kids and hubby love Mario Kart for future purchases....)

Monica said...

I've got a Wii too. And Wii Fit. one day my Wii age was 60, the next day it was 28. I usually only tell people about the time i was 28.

My thighs are still aching from the 'chair' pose in yoga.