Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deleting Comments

How many of you have deleted your own comment on another person's blog because you made a grammatical error or typo?

Me too.

I do it all the time.

In fact, I just had to do it over at Tracy's blog. I made the dreaded "you're" "your" switch.

Here's a tip: Highlight your grammatically scarred comment and copy it. Then delete it by clicking the little trash can. Start a new comment, paste in the old one, make the change needed, and submit the fixed comment. Viola! You look educated.


Anonymous said...

Did you spell, "Voila" like an instrument on porpoise?

DebraLSchubert said...

Been there, dun that. I mean DONE that!

Anita said...

I leave my errors...except for the time you made me feel bad 'cause I posted my THINGS I LIKE list before it was time. I think I may have flipped you off when I deleted that comment, but you'll never know for sure.
Monica may be rubbing off on me.

Monica said...

I think that its absolutely hilarious that there's an alleged spelling error in a post about how to correct your errors. Or, is that PMM's way of making us feel better about our own alleged errors? hmm... is he that clever?

this dysfunctional thing is following me around. I think its time that i embrace it as a desirable quality, rather than look on it as a flaw.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Since I've yet to fix said error you can either assume that it was intentional or that it wasn't but I'm pretending that it was.

Kelly said...

I don't delete the comment but write a new comment with my correction. The your/you're thing is such a pet peeve of mine and yesterday I did it myself on Facebook. So I added a new comment with the correction write away.