Friday, September 18, 2009

Let Me Tell You About My YA

It's done in the way a bag of microwave popcorn is done. Most of the kernels are popped and coated in that fake butter stuff. It's good. Maybe not movie theater good, but certainly edible. But then there are those unpopped kernels hanging out in the bottom of the bag. There are always unpopped kernels. My last eighteen pages remain unpopped. They kind of spoil the whole bag, because when I'm done enjoying the popcorn I've got those kernels that, like the last chapter and a half of my novel, symbolize unrealized potential. Those kernels could have been popcorn too, if only I'd had some more of patience.

So even though I really want to share my popcorn and see if others find it as appetizing as I do, I'm not going to. I'm putting the bag back in the microwave. I'm popping the last kernels.

Blogger's note: Here's the problem with metaphor: If you put an actual bag of popcorn back in a mircrowave, you run the very real risk of burning all that was previously delicious. Sure, you'll pop those last few kernels, but it's not worth the risk. Better to pop most of the corn and leave a few bagglers then have to throw out the entire bag due to greed. But none of that really works with a story. Stories tend to get better the more you work them. So let's just ignore that little problem, kay?


chris said...

However, some people like both burned popcorn and unpopped kernels.

I like all the variations, personally.

But I like popcorn much in the same way I like horse faces. I love horse faces. They’re so long and they have huge nostrils. If I had nostrils like that, then I wouldn’t have to wear clothes with pockets. I could just keep everything inside my nose.

Monica said...

holy blog updates, murphman, you're making the rest of us look bad (seriously, good for you for having the bravery to repop those kernels... or something.)

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I'm beginning to think Chris has stacks of notebooks with the words "ANIMAL TRAITS I ENVY" on the covers.

A test for you Chris: Give me something on the capybara.

Anita said...

Yes, stick the bag back can always get rid of the burned kernels later.

P.S. I like kettle corn. Which reminds me, I don't like Obama weighing in on the Kanye thing...I mean, the administration has time for that, and they still haven't answered the choco milk question? Give me a freakin break.

Paul Michael Murphy said...

Good point, Anita. I just finished emailing him again, using your reasoning as justification for why I deserve a response.

Kelly said...

Pop those suckers! I have a similar problem with my WIP. I was so excited that I was nearly done, that I wrote the ending in a rush. That part needs the most revisions (or repopping) definitely.